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Hello World!

Yes, hello World!  This is my first blog post, so please bear with me.

Like I said in my profile, I’m a Doctor of Divinity.  As such, I’ve spent a huge part of my life reflecting on philosophy and theology.  Most of the philosophy I’ve exposed myself to has been theologic.  If you know anything about theologic philosophy you know it’s laced with self-denial in the extreme … for the most part anyhow.  That’s OK if one wants to live their lives perpetually chaste, and impoverished, which makes it difficult to propagate the species and keep the light bill paid.

About a year ago I began to study closely a different philosophy that does not necessarily have its roots outside of theology.  This philosophy tends to express the very clear fact that the Cosmos is a pretty big place, and there is enough stuff out there for everyone … that poverty, lack, and want are all a state of mind, and one is what one thinks about.

Probably as a result of my shift in philosophical focus I have experienced some amazing things.  Not Earth shattering, by any means, but extremely significant to me, personally.  I won’t bore you with the details, but whittle by whittle, chip by chip life on my side of the screen gets bigger, and better.

I’m stoked into talking about this stuff.  Stick with me, visit me again, and we’ll see what we can get into.

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