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Model What You Expect, the Practical Application of ‘The Golden Rule’

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Is that just something you say to your daughter as a way of redirecting negative behavior after she hits her little brother with a wiffle bat?  Is that just something one says when one wants to be wise, and nicey wicey, and percolate their way into Heaven?  I don’t think so.  There’s a lot more to it than that.

I just finished watching an interesting YouTube video with Patricia Fripp.  I think she was addressing a group of bank executives and managers.  The subject matter was very clear, ‘Model What You Expect.’  Of course, we all know that we will be treated by other people how we treat them.  However, the dynamic goes further.  In an organization, the dynamic trickles from the Head Office, all the way down to the high school kid running the cash register … which then magically jumps across the counter to your customer.

I experienced this myself many Moons ago as a general store manager for a national pizza chain franchise.  Like everyone else in the industry, I was experiencing a turnover rate of about 300% per year … and my sales were low, and my product quality was consistently just under par.  When I stopped treating my cooks, and delivery drivers as just cooks and just delivery drivers they stopped acting like just cooks and just delivery drivers.  When I started treating people in these positions as important functionaries in the operation they started acting like important functionaries in the operation.  In a short period of time I had a dream team of pizza people, and my sales went up, and my product quality became exemplary, and my customers came back time after time after time.  Likewise, my turnover rate dropped exponentially, but members of my dream team kept getting plucked out of my store, and sent to help out in trouble spots.

I guess the point of this blog post is that treating people how you want to be treated is fine, but that’s for you.  Treating people how you expect them to be is for them, whatever it is you’re doing, and society as a whole.

Watch Ms. Fripps video here: Till next time, I want you to remember that you are an extraordinary individual.

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