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Leadership Traits

Old Dr. Jerry has yet another many Moons ago story for you.  One of the first steps I took to untie my mothers apron strings was to join the United States Marine Corps.  I stepped away from my little town nestled in a flat place among the hills of the beautiful Ohio Valley, and started taking a look at the World.  The Marine Corps not only taught me a lot about the World, but a lot about myself.  I don’t have room to write about it all at once here, but I would like to focus on one subject … Leadership.  The side salad of the Marine Corps is the production of leaders.

According to the United States Marine Corps, Leadership is the condition of influencing personnel and material in such a manner as to accomplish a mission.  I love it; simple, direct, not a word wasted.

The United States Marine Corps also proposes that there are 15 human traits the leader must develop to be effective.  These 15 human traits are, after all, human traits, which every human is borne with.  So, every human is born a leader, but a leader who needs development.

I’d like to point out that the application of all this does not only apply to that Sergeant running around with a bunch of troops out in the woods.  All this is applicable to the father, and the mother, the sister, and the brother; the salesperson, the CEO, and the production worker; the volunteer, and the organizer, and the kid with the lemonade stand.  All this applies to anyone who in any way finds themselves in, or wants to assume the role of leader.

These are the 15 leadership traits:








Esprit de Corps








Here is a simple exercise that will help you find, and improve upon your leadership prowess in any given area of your life.

  1. On a fresh sheet of paper, write an area of your life where you assume a leadership role … family, business, work, the Saturday Night Gossip Circle …
  2. Toward the left hand side of the paper, write in column each of the 15 leadership traits.
  3. Now, the tough part.  On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the least, and 10 being the most, gage your level for each trait within the context of the area of your life you are analyzing.  Detach yourself from your ego during this phase, and be critically honest with yourself.
  4. Review your results.  If you are satisfied with the level of a particular trait, don’t let it slack.  If you are not satisfied with the level of a particular trait, ask yourself how you can improve upon it, and then take that action.

I hope this little tidbit may help you progress toward your most extravagant dreams and desires, and you ultimately become that person you want to become.  Till next time, God bless, and remember, you are a spectacular person.

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