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My Little Black Pickup Truck

We’ve all heard the adage that we are what we eat. This, in fact, is true. Your body has a maintenance crew, as it were, and what you ingest provides the raw materials to maintain your body. They say that every seven years each cell in your body has been replaced through this maintenance process. So, you quite literally are what you eat.

There is another adage, equally as true, but less equally known, which says we are what we think. This dynamic is less easily delineated than the physiological effects of a healthy diet. However, this dynamic is easily illustrated through every day experiences.

I’ll use a personal experience to demonstrate how this dynamic works. A couple of years ago I bought a little black pickup truck. Till I started driving that little black pickup truck, it seems people driving little pickup trucks were far, and few between. After I started driving that little black pickup truck, little pickup trucks were everywhere, and a lot of them were black.

This amazed me. Where had all these little pickup trucks been hiding? Suddenly I had more little pickup truck opportunities than I’d ever dreamed possible. I could see what other people were doing with their little pickup trucks. I could go talk to someone about little pickup-truckness that had experience, and expertise on the subject. I could easily find people wanting to buy, or sell little pickup trucks, or little pickup truck accessories.

At that time I had the benefit of having a little black pickup truck as my main source of transportation. The cultural focus we modern humans place on our personal transportation mechanism dictated that this little black pickup truck was on my mind quite a lot … do you know we actually develop a personal relationship with our car keys, which is why key fobs are such great specialty advertising medium. I was suddenly in a little pickup truck World. However, I didn’t have to work very hard to get there; all I had to do was buy a little black pickup truck.

The experts tend to call this dynamic of thought ‘The Law of Attraction.’ What you think about will find its way to you by virtue of the fact that you become more perceptive to the venues of its approach. Health, happiness, prosperity … these’ll probably take more work to bring about than going out and buying a little black pickup truck. Think about the good things; keep the bad things out of your mind. Have your imagination think of the good things with all the tangibility you can muster, just as though there were a little black pickup truck outside in your drive way waiting for you to come out and take it on a drive down some dirt road in Nebraska.

Till next time, think of good things, and remember, you are a spectacular person.

  1. Mich
    2010/03/07 at 16:00

    Thanks Jerry!!

  2. 2011/06/20 at 12:39

    Very nice. Great fun to read.

    • Gerald Henthorn
      2011/06/20 at 17:58

      Thanks Dick! I need to stop being lazy and post some new materiel, though.

  1. 2010/03/10 at 12:20

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