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Back to the Basics

Several years ago I was the Training Department Head for a restaurant franchise organization out here in Nebraska.  At any given time during my appointment I had between 13, and 17 stores of which to keep track.  It was one of those deals where one works for the corporate entity, but is paid by the franchiser.   The two didn’t always agree with each other, and I was stuck in the middle.

The franchise owner was very impressed with the concept of thinking outside of the box … I am as well.  However, the Old Man wanted me to jump right in … start teaching his people how to think outside of the box right away.  That’s good, but one needs to at least know what local store marketing is before one starts thinking outside of the box with it.  My contention was that his management staff had to know where the sides of the box were before they started working outside of it.

I’d like to put us back inside the box … find out where the edges are.  I may have gotten ahead of myself, and presented subject mater I was impressed with myself, but may need some development to present fully.

Over the course of the next several posts I intend to yak what I know about leadership traits, problem solving, communications, relaxation, and whatever else I can think of which to write on the subject.

In closing, I’d like to leave you with this little tidbit on how the mind works in a funny way.  It’s a fairly advanced concept, but I’m stoked into yakety smaketing about it.

Have you ever looked for something, and just couldn’t find it?  You tore your house apart looking for it, and even blamed the dog for hiding it.  Not having this thing right at that moment left you in a terrible mess.  Then, after all was said and done, and you’d moved on to other issues, what you had been looking for was now in your way. 

Odd, isn’t it?  When you fret, and fume over something, its resolution seems to avoid you … till you’ve calmed down.  It may be that finding things takes a degree of passion, and focus.  However, it may come quicker to you if you use positive energy, instead of negative energy … and maybe even setting the issue off to the side and forgetting about it for a while helps.

Till next time, think positive, and remember, you are an extraordinary person.

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