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Leadership Traits: Integrity

Sorry!  Looks like I got ahead of  myself a little bit.  Integrity comes before Loyalty in the acronym, but is no less important to your leadership tool belt.

Loyalty and integrity are a lot alike.  While Loyalty tends to indicate a focus on specific groups, or people, integrity is has a much broader scope.  Both are reactions by you according to your ideals, and morals.

If you are not integral, you probably wont be in business very long, you wont be employed very long, and you probably wont have many friends.

It’s very odd to me.  I’ve known people who would lie, cheat, and steal … and not because they had 20 starving children at home.  They would demonstrate a lack of integrity because they thought it was how to get respected … made them cool.  I know I didn’t want anything to do with them after demonstration of their lack of integrity.

The girls of my generation had an adage, ‘Never date a guy you would trust with your car keys.’  I didn’t understand this.  I never understood how someone could embrace another person lacking integrity.  What I do understand is that my generation has had an inordinate number of single mothers organized society has been obligated to finance.  There are also an inordinate number of penniless old bachelors out there who’ll  live in shanties the throughout their adulthood, and die toothless and wrinkled on the production line.

If you lack integrity, you reap what you sow pretty quick.  Most people inherently follow the principle of once bitten, twice shy … and that principle is normally applied immediately.  It takes a long time to reverse the effects from a lack of integrity.  Furthermore, when others observe you acting less than integral, they’ll remember, and be less apt to hand you kibbles through the fence.

If you are in a leadership position, guard your integrity.  Execute your morals, and ideals uniformly, and with good judgment.  If you’re not in a leadership position, you may never get there if you don’t.

Till next time, remember, you are spectacular.

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    • Gerald Henthorn
      2010/04/01 at 07:54

      Thank you for reading my article on the Leadership Trait Integrity, Mayan Calendar End. Your response is appreciated, but way off topic for this blog. I was compelled to remove the web link from your response for the safety of my readers, no offense intended.

      I’m responding to your comment because, though the comment is off topic, as a Doctor of Divinity, the End of the World is a subject about which I’ve been compelled to sit around and think.

      Carl Sagan tells me that the Sun, which is a smallish star around which we revolve, is currently about half way through its life span. In a few billion years, maybe four or five, the Sun will extinguish. Some time before that event, maybe a billion years, or so, the Sun will have lost most of the gravitational control it has over its own matter. The Sun, in its weakened state, will turn into an expanding orange ball of gas. It will expand to engulf a large portion of the Solar System, of which the Earth will be included. Before that event, the proximity of the expanding Sun to the Earth will have burnt away Earths atmosphere, leaving the Earths surface exposed to be blown away by the Solar Wind.

      That will be the proverbial End of the World, definitive as it is.

      If, in 2012, the Earth experiences some catastrophic event, and all life on earth is extinguished on Earth, that’s OK, in the greater scheme of things. Mother Nature has her own agenda, part of which is the circle of life, and my estimation is that the Earth is resilient enough to recover from just about anything other than getting knocked by a rough planet. My hypothesis is that wherever life can take hold, it will. Though, on the Cosmic level, that ‘wherever’ exists within an exacting set of parameters, those parameters are astronomical compared to the size of my boots.

      My opinion about the World coming to and end in 2012, according to the Mayan Calendar, is that it’s a deliberate misinterpretation, bogus, fear bating, conspiracy marketing. Much the same as the conspiracy surrounding the exclusion of certain Books of the Bible … they had to stop somewhere, they were running out of room … the rock that thing is carved on is only so big.

      We constantly run the risk … 24/7/365 … of a giant asteroid coming out of the darkness, and smacking us in the Grand Canyon. They tell me that Yellow Stone Park could blow the whistle right out of the tea kettle at any moment, and pretty little vampires are going to sneak into my bedroom in the middle of the night and bite me in the neck.

      What may happen is that Humans, like old T-Rex, will outlive their usefulness, and become extinct long before the Earth is obliterated in 4 or 5 billion years. What will probably happen in that time is that Humans will figure out how to get around in space, explore, and colonize. I wrote a short story once several years ago, with which I have no idea what I did, on this very concept. It was about a bunch of old monks, in all the various adaptations of man to all the different environments inhabited, making their pilgrimage to view in awesome wonder the pathetic, lifeless rock that had once been the plush, green Earth … 4 billion years in the future.

      My advice is to count your blessings, and if there is a morning to get up to in the morning, get up to it, and live your life like you mean it. If you live past 2012, I doubt you’ll make it the rest of the 4 or 5 billion years, but your offspring just might.

      Please hold your comments to the topic of the blog so I don’t go off on side tangents.

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