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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I’ve got a couple of things here I’d like to bring up.   The first is … Wow … I’ve had 16 readers help raise $506.00 for the Social Vibe Education Program.  Thank you all so much for helping.

The next is, if you’ve been on my site before, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the theme.  I liked the look of the old one quite a bit, but it seemed cramped.  I like this one as well, and it seems to have room enough for the letters to breath, and stretch if they have a mind to.

The last is that I’ve added several links to other blog posts on personal, business, and … or … spiritual development I recommend, as well as outstanding offers by Bill Bartmann, and Mary Morrissey.

I’ve also figured out how to get my avatar to show up on the site, and how to get my twitter posts in … but not my blog posts out to twitter.

I should also mention that I’ve got a couple of free e-books you can down load, also.  I plan on adding to those shortly.

Once again, thank you for helping with my Social Vibe cause.  You people are awesome!

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