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Hocus Focus!

Working through the Leadership Traits is taking a lot more time than I expected. I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing. But, I don’t, and it’s all good.

I’m really in to a branch of study I guess you’d call Success Psychology. This informal (for the time being) branch of Psychology explores why, and how humans accomplish things … particularly extraordinary things. As it turns out, the seeds of success are located between each and every individuals ears, and the only thing that rabbits foot has to do with it is a concept I call Empowerment Mechanismatics.

I came across an interesting exercise demonstrating the power of Focus. I can thank Tony Robbins for the demonstration.

Reading ahead is cheating.

I’d like for you to get a piece of paper, and a pen or pencil. When you’re ready, I’d like for you to take a few seconds and look around the room. You don’t need a timer, say a short rhyme while you’re looking around the room. ‘Sing a Song of Six Pence’ works for me.

Now, while you’re looking around the room, I’d like for you to make a mental note of everything you see that is brown. Don’t write anything down yet.

Ready … Go!

OK! What I’d like for you do to next is square that piece of paper up in front of you, take your pen, or pencil, and write down everything you took mental note of that was red. Ha! You thought I was going to say brown.

Now, go ahead and do the exercise again, except this time, I’d like for you to take mental notes of things in the room that are red, instead of brown. Use the same nursery rhyme to time yourself, and then list out your findings on your piece of paper.

When you’re finished, you’ll probably notice that you’ve stretched the criteria for a red object just a little. You’ve probably included objects that are maroon, or pink, or reddish brown.

Here’s the punch line: you are going to find for what you are looking, and you are also gong to find things proximal to what you are looking for … stretch the envelope of definition … get more.

If you walked around all day saying to yourself, ‘Find red stuff!’, how much red stuff do you think you’d find. Huge amount of red stuff is what you’d find. Now, what if you did that all week, all month, all year … ten years? Red stuff would seem to be begging for a chance to get in your field of vision.

Happiness, prosperity, love, health … all these desirable things are as tangible as red stuff. Think about and focus on good things, focus on positive things, and you’ll find good things. After a while good things will be begging to find a way to get within your reach. Unfortunately, think about and focus on bad things, focus on negative things, and you’ll find bad things. After a while bad things will be begging to find a way to get at you in a World of hurt.   Notice my verbiage here … you have to reach over and pick out the good things you want when they come at you; bad things are not so polite as to entertain your selectivity.

Jeff Olson tells me in the guise of his book The Slight Edge that it takes 16 instances of positive exposure to negate the effects of just 1 instance of negative exposure … and that’s an instance of negative exposure from a complete stranger.  That’s a difficult ratio to overcome.  Limit your exposure to negative input in any form, and be vigilant toward exposing yourself to positive input, especially in the form of your own thought processes.

So, till next time, keep the good thoughts churning in your head, because your share of all the good in the Cosmos is waiting for you to go get it.

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