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How Big is Your Brain?

How big is it?

The Milky Way Galaxy has about 400 billion stars.

The known universe has between 100 and 400 billion galaxies

The human brain has about 100 billion cells, and each one of those cells has between 800 and 1,000 synaptic connections … between 80 trillion and 1 gazillion synaptic connections.   Forgive me if my numbers are wrong; I’m a linguist, not a mathematician.  Suffice it to say, the human brain has many more times the number of synaptic connections than there are stars in this galaxy, and more than the galaxies of which we know in the Universe.

If we consider the Physical Universe as a series of fractals … the Earth and Moon tend to mimic the Atomic Structure; the Solar System tends to mimic a Planetary System; a Galaxy tends to mimic a Star System …

… Nor am I a physicist, and I’m pretty sure I failed High School Biology.  However, from what I know of the Milky Way Galaxy, it is more than a bunch of stars swirling around in space.  From what I understand, there may be a black hole gobbling up stars in the traffic jam at the center of the galaxy.  Over the course of a few million years new stars are born, and quickly peter out … as far as the petering out of stars is concerned.  There are all kinds of other functionalities functionating out there in the Greater Milky Way Galaxy.   To me, the Milky Way Galaxy tends to mimic … or is the fractal of … a cell.

One thing I do know for sure, and that is your brain, considering the number of synaptic connections, is of Cosmic proportions.  Furthermore, the number of combinations and permutations of synaptic activity possible in the brain is so vast that it may exceed the number of elemental particles in the Universe, which I find incomprehensible.  A poor linguist can only write so many zeros before he has to take out a loan from the bank to buy more pencils.

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