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Application is Power

There is a buzz word that’s been floating around, particularly since the proliferation of the internet.  It goes like this, “Information is power.”  You have to know where the light switch is at before you can illuminate the room.

I was listening to a recorded speech the other day.  Les Brown was the speaker.  Mr. Brown has a way of fine tuning conceptual catch phrases.  Mr. Brown said, “Information is a good thing to have, but application is power.”  You have to know where the light switch is at, but flipping the switch illuminates the room.

Like so many other people around the World I now have immediate access to vast amounts of information.  For the price of a half descent used car I have a device sitting on my desk.  This device takes up the space of 4 to 10 text books.  Within that little space is a volume of information that makes my old home town library back in Sistersville, WV pale by comparison.

A while back I had a couple of fellows come over to my house.  They drilled a hole in the side of my house and pushed through it a cord running down from the old telephone pole on the corner.  They tied that cord up to the device sitting on my desk.  Now, for the price of going out to lunch three or four times in a month, I not only have access to the Library of Congress at the click of a button, but the insights and knowledge of several million people across the Globe.

If some poor old philosopher living close to the life of a hermit in a ramshackle trailer out on the Nebraskan prairie can do these things, just about anyone could.  Just about everyone does in this day and age.  If information alone were power then the information power curve has changed dramatically.  My personal observation is that application has been the key factor to the realization of influence, prosperity, health and happiness all along.

Till next time, learn something, and apply the knowledge wisely, because you are spectacular.

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