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City Lights

The other day I was sitting out in my sitting spot pondering.  The Sun went down and left me a nice dark sky pock-marked with shimmering points of light.  A few months ago I bought a little telescope.  I thought this would have been an ideal time to break it out and see what it cold do.

I brought the telescope outside, and set it up on its tripod.  I picked out a particularly bright star in the sky, and used the aiming device to bead in on it.  When I looked through the eyepiece, there was no star there to see.

I checked the aiming device again, and the star was dead center.  Not being necessarily a precision system, I thought the aiming device must be wrong specifically, but must have been at least close.  I gently loosened the anchoring screws that held the telescope steady on the tripod, and trolled for the star.   I couldn’t find it.  All I was getting was dark sky.

I turned the telescope on another star.  I got the same results.  Then a third, and a fourth, with the same results.  I could find the stars with the aiming device, but could not find them with the telescope.  Finally, I took the telescope off the tripod, and swept the sky with it free hand.  I couldn’t see one single star through the telescope.

I live in a small town.  On the corner by my home is a street light.  There is also a light which illuminates a parking lot close by.  It seems that the light from these sources were negating the light from the stars.  I dismantled my toy, and put it away.

Sometimes our dreams and aspirations are like the stars in the sky.  We can aim in their direction, a million miles away but still discernible.  However, when we try to get closer, the glitz, and the glitter, and the pressing problems immediately at hand negate the vision.

The next day my buddy Tom told me a story.  He’d gone fishing the night before out at one of the lakes nearby.  He’d made himself a little camp fire, and slept out under the stars.  So, I told him my star story of the night before.

Tom told me I should take my telescope out to the lake if I wanted to see the stars with it.  He said there is a kid whom takes his telescope out to the lake to look at the stars, and he has no trouble seeing them.  Tom pointed out that one can’t see stars through a telescope from under a city light.

So, till next time, don’t abandon your dreams and aspirations, nor dismantle the devices for their realization.  Remove yourself from the glitz, and glitter, and the pressing problems of day-to-day living.  Listen to Tom, take your telescope to the lake if you want to see the stars.

  1. 2011/03/24 at 22:15

    The informaiton can be verified by many sources. Great reseach and delivery, thanks.

    • Gerald Henthorn
      2011/03/25 at 01:26

      Thank you Chapmanexecutivesuitesoc.com ! I do my best. This is a Real World metaphor, akin to ‘Can’t see the forest for the trees.’ My buddy Tom is a very wise man. Sometimes what is truly important to us gets obscured by that with which we’ve surrounded ourselves … keeping up with the Jonses, TV commercials, day to day routines, taxes, rent, the price of eggs in China, and this thing, and that issue, and so on, and so forth. Once in a while, preferably more often, we should remove ourselves to a quiet place so we can look up close at those stars we hold most dear.

      Thank you for reading, you are spectacular.

  2. jill
    2011/03/25 at 02:10

    Love it Gerald! It’s a shame that we spend a few years in school together and never actally get to know the people that we’re interacting with daily, but grow up and actually appreciate the depth of the people we grew up with (if that makes any sense)

    • Gerald Henthorn
      2011/03/25 at 23:19

      Thank you Jill, I’m flattered. It makes a lot of sense. I was actually very fond of you growing up, but I was awkwardly shy, and suffered from an incredibly low self esteem. Meanwhile, I would have poked fun at the person I am today. Today I am quite the opposite. Today I have to work on keeping my arrogance in check, and endeavor to think deep thoughts. I’m really glad you enjoyed my article, you are spectacular.

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