It’s the early morning of November 25th, Thanksgiving here in the United States.  It’s briskly cold outside of the shack I call home.  A little space heater is sitting next to me, keeping me company as I sit at my desk and write.  A disorganization of books, pads of paper and notebooks, CDs, and pen cups balance themselves precariously in the environs of my desk.  An array of coats, jackets, sweaters, and hats hanging from pegs clutter the inside side of my front door.  I’m nursing a pot of coffee, now cold, from my favorite Mason jar, stained brown from constant use.  A small terra cotta Meditating Buddha is holding a burning cone of sweet smelling incense pulled from a hand carved soap stone box sitting next to it.  A vagrant bottle of hot sauce that should be put away.  A smart phone blinking quietly.   A lapel pin crucifix.  A pair of reading classes in their case.  A lint brush.  A tape measure.  A spare bus fuse.  A folding pair of pliers with a knife blade, screw driver blades, can opener, and itty – bitty little wood saw.

Simple things.  I am grateful for these simple things.  These are but a small sample of those things for which I am grateful, great and small.  Yet, the simpler things dearest to us are sometimes overshadowed.

I saw a movie once.  A man had amassed a vast fortune and imperial power.  He had everything any person could possibly want, all at his beck and call.  Yet, in his dying moments, he lamented.  From all of his possessions, and from all the people at his command he yearned for a small toy sled which had brought him much pleasure as a child.  The sled was lost amongst all his other stuff.

Be grateful for what you have, and never lose sight of what gives your life meaning and purpose, because you are spectacular.

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