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Irritable Brain Syndrome

It’s very early in the morning of December 26th, the day after Christmas.  A lot of people I know tend to get down in the dumps this time of year, way down in the dumps.  I can’t remember getting that way.  I was raised in a Jehovahs Witness household, so we didn’t celebrate Christmas.  Later on as an adult I converted to Orthodoxy, so now I get 12 days of Christmas.  That Christmas omph has to last from December 25th till January 7th for me, which is a long time to be omphish.

I can never remember getting irritable, or down in the dumps during this time of year.  This year may have been a little different.  Like almost every Christmas Day I’ve lived through, I spent the day alone … which is fine, because I’m slightly reclusive, and introflective.  However, earlier today I couldn’t get a descent score playing Bejeweled on Face Book, and some stuff I threw in the crock pot just didn’t pass the taste test after all was said and done.  I dropped a bunch of ham slices on the floor, and wound up throwing them out the front door as a serendipitous feast for the mousers.

I was just having a klutzy day yesterday, and didn’t think much more about it.  Then, a few hours ago, I tried going to bed.  My bed cloths kept binding up on me.  My blanket didn’t seem to like my feet for some reason, my pillow was close to open rebellion, my hip ached, and my back hurt, and I kept getting itches where I couldn’t reach without reorganizing my entire figuration.

I was not comfortable.  All this seemed to start me thinking about the pathetic state of affairs in which my life constantly seems to be, and I’m sure you can relate.

“God!” I finally said, “I aint doing this.  Take me now!”

“Um, no, and, yes, you are doing this.” God replied, “You just go on to sleep, and get up in the morning.  You’re still on the clock, and we haven’t even been through lunch yet.”

So, I guess I don’t get to go home early.  Most of the time I consider that to be a good thing.

Till next time, remember, you’re allowed to get irritated at God.  Just keep in mind he’s probably still got work for you to do.  Think about this for just a few seconds, you are spectacular.

  1. 2010/12/26 at 15:19

    It’s not over ’til it’s over.

    One thing I have come to realize and accept is, the way I deal with the all of what I think is the craziness of the season is my choice. I don’t have to “buy into” (pun intended) what family and friends are doing. I don’t need to express myself about their plans or participate. If they chose to be disappointed in me, it’s their issue, not mine.

    I think changing my attitude has made a big difference in the last few years.

    • Gerald Henthorn
      2010/12/27 at 00:15

      Thanks for the input, Dick!

      I’ve known a lot of people in my lifetime who’ve allowed themselves to become extremely stressed over Christmas. I know people whom actually place the values of relationships proportional to the price of gifts exchanged at Christmas. I also know people whom live their lives from Christmas Day to Christmas Day, sad and pathetic in between.

      I am a firm believer in the free market system. I’ve lived on the other side of the fence, and at best it’s an awkward way to do business. However, I believe we’ve allowed concerns managing our free market system to influence certain of our more sacred traditions too deeply. I do not believe Christmas is intended to be a holiday of sadness, nor loneliness, nor apprehension, nor jealousy, nor covetousness, nor is it a time to practice personal fiscal irresponsibility. I have it on very good authority that Christmas is intended to be a season wherein we celebrate the little – ‘j’ – Jesus we see in each and every one of our fellow humans.

      Pet peeve of mine.

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