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Consciousness and the Production of Heat

There is a chain of thought out there that says Human consciousness is a byproduct of the Human brain.  This chain of thought describes consciousness as a physiological effect brought about by chemical and physical reaction.  The same is said about the production of heat in those of us whom are warm-blooded animals.

Science knows a lot about how a body produces heat.  On the other hand, we’ve hardly gotten our toes wet in our understanding of the dynamics of consciousness.  However, lets go there; lets examine consciousness from a perspective comparing it to the generation of heat.

We’ll use humans as an example, since there are so many different species of which to compare, and we are most acquainted with the human mechanism.

Humans generate heat.  It is outside of my field of study, so I’ll not even come close to attempting an explanation as to how this is accomplished.  Therefore, we’ll stop at the self evident to save me from over stepping my bounds.

Heat … temperature ranges … existed in the Cosmos long before Mankind appeared on the scene.  Temperature ranges existed even before the formation of the Earth, and the Sun, and the Moon.  I’m pretty sure temperature ranges were around even before the constituents of the Milky Way huddled up together to form a Galaxy.

Temperatures vary from place to place throughout the Cosmos.  Some places are very hot, while others are very cold.  Meanwhile, some places are just right for me, as a Human mechanism, to feel very comfortable.  The point is, every spot in the Cosmos has a temperature.  Heat, in it’s various forms and degrees, permeates the Cosmos.

Humans contribute to these variances in temperature.  We are part of the Cosmic Temperature Matrix.  In the same way, consciousness permeates the Cosmos.  Like heat, we can’t look out and see consciousness, we can only see its effect.  Human Consciousness is part of the Cosmic Consciousness Matrix.

Whether Humans act as receptors of Consciousness, or as producers of Consciousness is beyond the scope of this blog post.  Those are arguments for another title and heading.  However, it is my speculation that we do quite a bit of both.

Till next time, remember, you are a vessel for consciousness, and that makes you spectacular.

  1. 2011/01/23 at 12:43

    A truly beneficial publish by you my good friend. We have bookmarked this web page and can are available back again following several days to verify for almost any new posts that you just make.

  2. greg henthorn
    2011/03/11 at 20:48

    Cool thoughts. I have been wanting to read all your articles but I am caught in a busy-ness cycle.

    I thought your closing sentence, about being a vessel for conciousness, was a very thoughtful concept. But I could not resist presenting an alternate thought, which is that “you” may BE conciousness, not the vessel.

    • Gerald Henthorn
      2011/03/11 at 21:22

      Thanks Greg! I appreciate the input.

      Your suggestion is very deep, and I tend to agree with you. Our consciousness extends into the cellular level, and even beyond that into the quantum level. You must be reading some Bruce Lipton. The phrase its self is intended to address the less initiated in Metaphysics, particularly those whom get warped up in their physical being and may view their conscious as being separate, and distinct. It is difficult to determine where one ends, and the other begins, if there is an actual distinction between the two.

      My best to the family with love,

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