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Birds of a Feather

“Birds of a feather flock together.” This old adage has a lot of truth in it. You are an average of the 5 to 10 people with whom you associate the most. Your bank accounts are about the same. Your homes look a lot alike. You use the same words. Your dreams and aspirations run parallel to each other. I do not advocate snobbery in any way, shape, nor form … it’s unwise to judge a book by its cover. However, we should choose our friends wisely.

Our associations affect us dramatically. All of our associations affect us dramatically. Associations that affect us extend into the TV shows we watch, the video games we play, the music to which we listen, the books we read. All things in moderation! I’ve know people who’ve come to understand this Human dynamic become afraid to watch, or read, or listen to anything from the fear of lurking demons hiding in the script. Then again, I’ve known people whose minds, and souls were crew members of the Star Ship Enterprise.

The mind can be compared to a glass of liquid … we’ll say a glass of water for the sake of convenience. If you fill the glass with clear water, you’ll have a glass of clear water. If you fill the glass with muddy water, you’ll have a glass of muddy water. Put a drop of muddy water in the clear water, and the water in the glass stays pretty much clear. However, the more drops of muddy water you put into the glass, the muddier the water gets. Over time, if you put more drops of muddy water into the glass than you do clear water, you’ll wind up with a glass full of muddy water. We’re going to call this dynamic the Process of Mental Dilution.

Thank you for reading. Till next time, remember to guard the gate to your mind. You’re spectacular.

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