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Thought Games and Conclusions

I have an active imagination. I also have an active sense of humor. Set me off in a pit somewhere by myself, and I would not want for entertainment.

Sometimes I’ll stage little plays in my head, which sometimes get written down as stories. Sometimes I’ll close my eyes and buzz around the Crab Nebula, or just placidly watch the Earth while sitting up next to Moon. If I want to explore some subject, or the other, I’ll attend a lecture. Other times, I’ll listen to a debate.

These thought games are actually very good problem solving techniques. They are also very good at helping one pin point their systems of belief. Granted, these thought exercises are wrought with subjectivity; we only know what we know. Therefore, when solving a problem, or finding the basis of ones belief system, the mind should be monitored by a mean, and grizzled, strict as a High – School – English – teacher Sergeant at Arms named Objectivity.

One of the debates I’ve attended … in my mind … was between two cells, my own cells. The subject of the debate was the existence of me, the Human. One cell was pro, while one cell was con. One cell advocated that cells all were independent entities, and the highest form of life existent. The other advocated that cells were individual functionaries within the framework of a much larger organism.

I don’t think I have to tell you who won the debate from my perspective. Here I am, the Human over which the debate was being argued. Despite the diligence of Sergeant Objectivity, the con cell didn’t stand a chance of convincing me, the audience, of my own non – existence.

My intentions for playing this particular thought game are probably very obvious. I wanted to pin point a specific segment of my own belief system, questioning not only the existence, but the function of God. From this, I determined I don’t believe in Godly God God, Zeus standing up on a cloud zapping sinners with lightning bolts. I believe in God, and that God is the Cosmos, all of Time, all of Space, all of Matter, all of Energy, and all of Consciousness. God, the Cosmos, does what it does because it does what it does. Whatever tools, whatever ways, and means it uses to accomplish whatever it needs to accomplish are the tools, and the ways, and the means it uses to accomplish whatever it needs to accomplish. For all I know, right now God is on the way to the store to pick up a loaf of bread.

We Humans, living creatures with the unlikely, and astonishing ability to contemplate such matters, are a fractal, a level of existence, and a functionary of the Cosmos. Like a single cell, we do not have the capacity to discern the direction, the purpose, nor meaning of It All. The Cosmos is just going to do what it does, and I’m just happy as an ant on a sugar cube that I’ve had the opportunity to be here for part of it.

If you think about it, you’re spectacular.

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