Mind and Body

If the mind is a terrible thing to waste, what about the body? They are, after all, intricately connected. The body is a material construct to facilitate consciousness, which is ethereal. The mind is a byproduct of their union, material with ethereal.

When the body is not well maintained and stable, consciousness wanes. If the body destabilizes too much, consciousness will leave. Conversely, when the body is well maintained and is stable, consciousness flourishes. When the body is at, or close to homeostasis then consciousness is just about as happy as a horse in a field of oats.

Dr. Bruce Lipton points out that consciousness does not just act from the brain, which is a common misconception. The brain is just the command, control, and information storage center … it’s the home office. Each and every cell in your body has a consciousness, and all together, trillions of individual cells, form your mind.

What do you feel like when you’re breathing fresh air, and you’re fit as a fiddle, well rested and exercised, and you’re full of healthy nutrients? You feel good, and your spirit escalates. You, the whole you, are a fractal of the cells of your body. You feel great when you’re breathing fresh air, and you’re fit as a fiddle, well rested and exercised, and you’re full of healthy nutrients because that cell in your big toe is feeling the same way for the same reasons.

By all means, study, meditate, contemplate, and pray … I don’t recommend watching TV as a means to enhance your mental facilities. However, don’t forget to exercise, and eat right, and laugh, and play hard, and work hard, and look good, and feel good, because it makes you even more spectacular than you already are.

  1. 2011/08/07 at 14:43

    Gerald your comments are valuable in many respects but we all have shit in our lives. The luminious moment of body, mind and spirit is not something that is readly available for many individuals Many of us (not all) through personal suffeing and despair find it difficult to carry out your suggestions. I agree with you that most of what goes for television is a negative trick bag promoted by the Ruling Elites and the State.

    Alas I agree with you yet I don’t.

    • 2011/08/07 at 15:22

      Thanks for your comment Diamondbolt, and, yes, we all do have shit in our lives. I’m not a spring chicken. I’ve had, and still have, my share of misery, and disrepair, and failures, and setbacks, and aches, and pains. I am also distracted by the World around me, finding time to eat right and exercise difficult … though I’m built like a bull, I’m built like a bull that stands up by the fence watching cars go by all day. This makes me the most grievous of sinners in this regard, because I know better. I know I should take a little run after I get off of work, but I usually take a nap. I know I should overcome my affection for bacon triple cheeseburgers, but I often find one in my hand with a big bite taken out of it. The good news is, my old cabinet TV now makes a very nice kitchen prep table, and I diligently discourage negative thoughts from rolling around in my head … at least not without an escort.

      Little bits at a time; do what you can, when you can. There is a saying I heard many years ago that is appropriate, ‘Seed a thought, reap an action. Seed an action, reap a habit. Seed a habit, reap a lifestyle. Seed a lifestyle, reap a legacy.’ There is a thing in Eastern Orthodox Christianity called Theosis. ‘Theosis’ is like ‘osmosis,’ only with ‘Theos.’ Theosis is the movement toward and gradual absorption of God, what ever that may mean to the individual. When we are on that path we can recognize our shortcomings, and endeavor to overcome them systematically. We are not geared to be perfect, but we are geared to live long, be happy, and prosperous. When we are on that path, we are tuning ourselves to our function in the Cosmos.

      Thanks again for your comments. You’re great!

  2. 2011/08/31 at 04:59

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  1. 2011/09/19 at 23:15

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