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Providential Dynamics


Tudor (Photo credit: TBoard)

Yesterday, I saw an advertisement for a self help program. The tag line begged to ask the question, “What is the number one reason your dreams are failing you?”  

To me, this is a rather bizarre question, but I know what the program is probably getting at. So, I’ve decided to throw in my two cents on the subject.

Assuming you are an adult, at any given moment in time, you are exactly where you’ve lead yourself. You are exactly where and what you’ve always wanted. You are the fulfillment of your own dreams and aspirations. Even if you think this is not the case in your own life, it is you, and only you, who shifts the gears and steers the wheels toward your own destiny.

You are exactly where and what you’ve always wanted. You are the fulfillment of your own dreams and aspirations. The Cosmos will bend over backwards to get you what you’re asking for. Unfortunately, such providence is not in the rack of candy bars beside the checkout counter at the grocery store. The Cosmos is not set up for instant gratification. There tends to be a delay in the process. If your dreams are failing you, it’s probably because you’ve outgrown the ones that got you where you are today, replaced by new dreams and aspirations.

I should point out here that dreams and aspirations are not fulfilled from the thoughts of the conscious mind, which tends to be impetuous and hedonistic. Dreams and aspirations are fulfilled from the thoughts of the subconscious mind, which tends to concern its self with the survival and continuity of its mechanism. Your conscious desire to be a multi – millionaire may not be congruent with your subconscious desire to keep a consistent flow of food on the table.  The good news is, your pragmatic subconscious mind gets its view of the World from your impetuous conscious mind.

Lets examine this dynamic on a superficial level.

Lets say you have a thing for Tudor cottages. You think Tudor cottages are simply the coolest style of house in which a person could live. You want to build a Tudor cottage for yourself, and go live in it. You start gathering Tudor cottage blueprints, Tudor cottage wood, Tudor cottage nails, Tudor cottage sinks and Tudor cottage toilets. You marshal all your Tudor cottage stuff out to a spot in the woods, and start building yourself a Tudor cottage. You measure twice, cut once. line things up, and nail them together in Tudor cottage fashion. You are going to have yourself a Tudor cottage.

Somewhere along the process, you see a ranch style house … level, long, sleek, no stairs to climb. You start thinking how cool it would be to live in a house like that. Your tastes have evolved. You have a new dream, a new desire, a new aspiration. However, you can’t just stop working on your Tudor cottage, tear it down, and start building a ranch house. You have a lot of time, energy, and resources tied up in this Tudor cottage. All the stuff you have lined up for building a house is Tudor cottage stuff, not ranch house stuff. You then drudge through finishing your Tudor cottage to get a roof over your head.

Your dreams of building and living in a ranch style home did not fail you. They simply evolved away from your dreams of building and living in the Tudor cottage you already have in progress. However, if you keep the dream alive, you will more than likely build yourself and live in a ranch style home.

Hopefully, I won’t wait another two years to post an article on this blog. However, till next time, remember, you are spectacular, so dream big, and dream often.


Mind and Body

If the mind is a terrible thing to waste, what about the body? They are, after all, intricately connected. The body is a material construct to facilitate consciousness, which is ethereal. The mind is a byproduct of their union, material with ethereal.

When the body is not well maintained and stable, consciousness wanes. If the body destabilizes too much, consciousness will leave. Conversely, when the body is well maintained and is stable, consciousness flourishes. When the body is at, or close to homeostasis then consciousness is just about as happy as a horse in a field of oats.

Dr. Bruce Lipton points out that consciousness does not just act from the brain, which is a common misconception. The brain is just the command, control, and information storage center … it’s the home office. Each and every cell in your body has a consciousness, and all together, trillions of individual cells, form your mind.

What do you feel like when you’re breathing fresh air, and you’re fit as a fiddle, well rested and exercised, and you’re full of healthy nutrients? You feel good, and your spirit escalates. You, the whole you, are a fractal of the cells of your body. You feel great when you’re breathing fresh air, and you’re fit as a fiddle, well rested and exercised, and you’re full of healthy nutrients because that cell in your big toe is feeling the same way for the same reasons.

By all means, study, meditate, contemplate, and pray … I don’t recommend watching TV as a means to enhance your mental facilities. However, don’t forget to exercise, and eat right, and laugh, and play hard, and work hard, and look good, and feel good, because it makes you even more spectacular than you already are.