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Leadership Traits: Loyalty

Loyalty should not only run up the ladder.  Loyalty should run up, and down, and sideways, across, and over.  At first glance, this appears to be a contradicting set of directions.  How can the house cat be loyal to its humans, its kittens, its mate, and the dog all at the same time.

The fact is, it is.  The house cat lives in a community, adhering to a set of ideals, and morals … as far as house cats are able to have ideals, and morals, which they seem to do quite well in the house cat world.

With this in mind, you must establish for yourself a set of ideals, and morals by which to live.  They must be honorable and judicious.  Being loyal to your ideals, and morals is the only way you can be loyal to all concerns in your life … your spouse, your children, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your church, your boss, your customers, your coworkers, your business partners, your friends down at the pool hall, your bridge club, the cat, the dog, your community.

Stand for what you stand for.  Determine what that is and be loyal to it.  “To thine own self be true.”   In this way, you will be true to others as well, and establish yourself as a balanced leader worth following.

Till next time, remember, you are spectacular.