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Who Says the Words?

“Who says words with my mouth?” This is probably the most profound question for introflective thought I’ve ever heard. It was posed to me through an ancient poem written by a 13th Century Persian poet, the Sufi philosopher Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī, more commonly referred to as just Rumi today.

I heard this question, and I thought to myself, ‘Ok! I’ll play your silly game. Who does say words with my mouth?’ I shut my eyes, and went looking. I quickly found the mechanism for saying the words, but not the director. My modest and humble knowledge of brain housing group function and physiology assisted me in finding where the words were stored, but I didn’t find who strung the words together. I looked deeper.

I found myself standing on the stage of my mind. ‘You big dummy!’ I said to myself standing on the stage of my mind, ‘You are the one who says words with your mouth.’ However, if I am standing on the stage of my own mind talking to myself, then to whom is the me standing on the stage of my talking? This started a descending spiral of antilogic which I quickly abandoned.

Who does say words with my mouth? Who does see things with my eyes? Who does taste things with my tongue, and who feels things with my fingers? The mechanism The – I – That – Is – Me occupies perceives them, interprets them, and stores them in memory. These are all superficial functions. Where is the observer? I never did find The – I – That – Is – Me.

My own speculation is that the Observer is Consciousness. I also speculate that Consciousness is one of the Basic Constructs of the Cosmos, the others being Time, Space, Matter, and Energy. We all know that Humans, like everything else we discern, are made up of Matter, propelled by Energy, occupying Space, in Time. Consciousness is a little harder on which to grasp as it is that which actually does the discerning.

Carl Sagan proposed that Mankind is a mechanism for the Cosmos to gaze back on its self. I, myself, adhere to that proposal … and I’m really glad my own, particular belief system lacks the dogmatic restrictions which would prevent me from exploring the minds of ancient Sufi poets, and modern Atheist scientists.

I’ve provided a nice, jazzy, multi – media, Modern English interpretation of the poem Who Says Words with My Mouth? by Rumi for your enjoyment, below. And, just remember, you are spectacular.



Me and Sid Out at the Break Table

I’ve heard this express quite often in recent years, “You are a spirit having a materiel experience.” For some reason, that expression conflabergasted me. I just wasn’t grasping the concept. I should say I wasn’t getting a good grip on it, it kept trying to slip back out of my fingers.

One day a month ago, or so, I decided to sit down and contemplate the subject. I got comfortable, and cleared out my mind, then asked myself the question, “What does ‘You are a spirit having a materiel experience’ mean?”

I’m walking around in my mind examining the subject. My thoughts take me to the outside break area of my ‘real job.’ Not where I really wanted to have my mind go at that point in time, but I went with it. I sat down on one of the industrial type out doors picnic tables, and lit a cigarette. At the table with me was an old fork lift operator my mind had conjured up to talk to me … an involuntary imaginary co-worker named Sid.

“What are you doing here?” Sid asked, “It’s your day off.”

“I’m thinking.” I said.

“What about?” Sid asked.

“Stuff.” I said.

“What stuff?” he asked.

“Stuffy stuff stuff.” I said.

“Whatever, Dude!” he said, “I’ll leave you to your thoughts.”

Then it dawned on me that this person my brain conjured up to talk to me may not have been a distracter dispatched by my Ego. His function may not have been to keep me doubting, and pouting, and fretting over the funny sound my car made that morning. It dawned on me that this person my brain conjured up to talk to me may have been dispatched by a place way down deep in my sub-conscious mind where I am not skilled enough to reach directly. This person, this imaginary friend sitting across from me at a table in my mind may have been a research assistant, of sorts.

“No, wait.” I said to Sid, “Maybe you can help me find the answer to a question I’ve been thinking about.”

“What?” he asked.

“You’ve heard the expression, ‘You are a spirit having a materiel experience?’” I asked.

“Yes.” he responded.

“OK,” I said, “I can’t seem to get a handle on the concept. Do you know what that means?”

“Sure I do.” he said, and pointed out into the vast, mostly unpaved parking lot where the wind was kicking up dust devils, little miniature tornadoes. “See those whirlies out there in the parking lot?”

“Yes.” I responded.

“That’s the air having a dirt experience. Same thing, only different.”

“I don’t get it.”

“OK,” he said, “the atmosphere … the air, for whatever reason, gets moving out there over the parking lot in such a way that it gets dirt tangled up in it, and the two cart around with each other till, for whatever reason, the air can’t cart the dirt around anymore and lets it drop back to the ground. The air is still there, it just isn’t carting around dirt any more, and the dirt is still there, it just isn’t being carted around by the air any more. Same thing, only different.”

“But, I’m not a swirly whirly cone of dust caught up in a minie wind storm, and … “

“No,” he said, “you are a highly organized mud puddle, when you get right down to the nitty gritty facts, and as for the Spirit … for now lets just say that the Spirit is nothing more than the Will of the Cosmos acting on the matter and the energy it has at its disposal for such functions as Life in this neck of the woods. Same thing, only different. Still lost?”

“Not as bad as I was.” I said, “I think I have all the parts I need to piece it together, though.”

So, I left Sid to filter his way back down into the depths of my mind, got up, wandered next door to the ice cream shop, treated Sid to a double cheeseburger and fries before he got too deep, causing me to ingest way too many carbohydrates, subsequently inducing a nap, which I wandered into after wandering back home.

Bob Proctor pointed out that Albert Einsteins brain is preserved in a mason jar somewhere. Possibly the most efficient and powerful thinking mechanism producible by mankind rendered useless. Even if the rest of Albert were present and attached to it it would not function without the fleeting, indescribable, immeasurable, indiscernible Holly Spirit … which in Hebrew is Roakh ( Rosh/Khet ), whose literal translation is ‘The Breath (or Wind) Whom Precedes The Presence of God.’

Thank you for reading my post. Till I can yakkety shmack at you again, remember, you are spectacular.

You Are Universe – Calgary, AB, Canada, T2J6G5 – MasteryTV Video – Create Wealth. Have Fun. Help Others.

But Wait … There’s More!

There’s actually more to the story … more to the message I was promoting in my last blog post.  There’s actually more to it than becoming acutely aware of little black pickup trucks because you’re driving a little black pickup truck.

On my side of the screen, this stuff has been known for 31 years.  As a young Marine, I was given the adage “Mind over Matter.”  I heard it quite a lot.  This adage was often used to help get young Marines through the stress, and strain of being a young Marine.  It tended to work well in the immediate sense.  Application of this adage got me up a few mountains with my field pack.

However, I had no idea this adage was applicable to issues other than such things as force marches up mountains.  Furthermore, the adage was often diminished by well meaning, but misguided Marine Corps leadership, who would wittily add to the adage, “If I don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”  I was also captivated for many years by popular entertainment media … who perish the thought that I should use my mind to do anything other than buy shaving cream from the sponsor.  I allowed myself to believe this was just a hokey Marine Corps saying , despite the positive results I personally experienced applying the principle.

The cosmos is comprised of space, time, energy, and matter … I use the acronym ‘STEM’ to help me remember.  Way down deep on the quantum physics level, it seems that matter is nothing more than itsy bitsy, string like vibrations of space … energy effecting space in time is matter.  The human brain is made up of matter, and it thinks.  Thoughts are the result of thought energy applied to grey matter … which in reality is energy in in the first place.  Minute, and inconspicuous as the resulting vibrations may be, they still have an effect on the Cosmos.  It should go without saying at this point that Humans have the capacity to control their thoughts.

The Law of Attraction postulates that energy attracts like energy, vibrations attract like vibrations.  The predominant tone of our thoughts determine the type of energy and vibration our personal matter group emits … positive to negative, successful to unsuccessful, happy to sad, good to bad.  Like gravity forming a planet, and the Solar Wind effecting our local system, we effect the Cosmos.  The kind of vibrations we produce on the sub atomic level pull to us, or push from us our wildest dreams and wishes.

Ask, and you shall receive.  Knock, and the door will be opened to you.  Effect and cause, and cause and effect.  So there’s more to it than becoming acutely aware.

Till next time, keep the good thoughts in your head, and the bad thoughts out.  Guard your thoughts like a treasury, and remember, you are a gift to the Cosmos.