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From the Tiny Acorn Grows

There is an old saying. You’ve probably heard it. ‘From a tiny acorn, the mighty oak tree grows.’ It is a truism, oak trees grow from acorns; ‘acorn’ being the name given to the oak tree seed. This old saying is used as an analogy to demonstrate growth, or growing into. It is most often applied in my culture to give heart to children feeling diminutive, and insignificant.

This is a good saying to encourage children to look forward, to hope, and to dream about what they may turn out to be. However, there is much more wisdom in this saying than is commonly gleaned. It demonstrates much more than the potential for growth and greatness.

The acorn already knows what it’s going to be. It doesn’t even think about it, it is genetically programmed to become an oak tree. The acorn is not distracted by the glories of becoming a fireman, nor an astronaut. An oak tree is what it will become, come Hell or high water.

The acorn is focused on becoming an oak tree. It is genetically programmed to be so. In every moment of every day its every action is taken to become an oak tree. It doesn’t care about the weather, nor the Stock Market, nor its neighbors opinion. It will become an oak tree.

The acorn gathers to it all the resources at its disposal, and applies them to becoming an oak tree. It is genetically programmed to do so. It doesn’t bother with what it doesn’t need, nor does it waste the resources it has. If an acorn doesn’t need a second blender, it doesn’t buy one, no matter how shiny it is, nor how much it’s on sale.

Humans are not like acorns. Humans have so many things from which to choose, from what to become, from what to own, from what to do. While it is impossible for the acorn to become distracted in any way from its end result, it is difficult for the Human not to.

Conversely, the acorn can only become an oak tree. It can not become an astronaut, nor a fireman, nor a butcher, nor a baker, nor a candle stick maker. It will never be able to calculate a trajectory to the Moon, nor Mars, nor the Crab Nebula. It will never be able to write a book on stamp collecting, nor playing marbles. It will never be able to look up in the night sky and wonder of what the stars are made, nor how much force it would take to throw a rock from the Earth to the edge of the Cosmos, nor even question whether there is an edge to the Cosmos or not.

What can humans become that an acorn can not! The choices are theoretically endless. However, we need to make those choices if we are to become our own oak tree. We need to be our own type of acorn. We need to take a dream we have, and say ‘This is the one.’ We need to turn that dream into a goal. We need to stay focused on that goal, no matter what anyone says, and no matter what else is going on around us. We should apply our resources toward that goal, and not be wasteful of them. We may admire other endeavors, but we should stay diligent toward our own.

We should also remember, the acorn does not turn into an oak tree over night. It takes around 30 years for an acorn to become an oak tree; and even then, it’s still considered to be in its youth. It takes time to become an oak tree, but not to worry. The oak trees growth is marked in stages. It’s an acorn, and then it’s a sprout. Then it becomes a sapling, then a little tree, then a bigger tree, then a bigger tree still, and then, a dominating, prolific, majestic oak tree.

Dream a dream. Turn that dream into a goal. Plan to reach that goal. Work on that goal, stay with it, do not become distracted. You are spectacular, and how much more than an oak tree?


You Are Universe – Calgary, AB, Canada, T2J6G5 – MasteryTV Video – Create Wealth. Have Fun. Help Others.

This is the way I look at things.

You Are Universe – Calgary, AB, Canada, T2J6G5 – MasteryTV Video – Create Wealth. Have Fun. Help Others..

Check out

This three part video training by Bob Proctor diagrams how the mind works.  I watched them, and got a lot out of them.  They’re well worth going through any sales pitch he may have presented.


Leadership Traits: Motivation

Like I wrote a few blog posts ago, I’d like to get back to some of the fundamentals of Personal and Business Development.  I’d like to put feelers out there for my readers so they’ll have an idea of where the edges of the box are before thinking outside of it.

I’ve already written a post about the five paragraph order, which is a good communications, planning, and problem solving tool.  Over the next several entries, I’d like to expand my blog post on the fifteen leadership traits.  Knowing these traits will give you the opportunity to find ways to develop and advance your leadership skills in all areas of your life.

Here we go:


It’s probably not by accident that the acronym MILITARY BEARING is used to delineate the fifteen leadership traits.  It starts with an ‘M’ … and ‘M’ stands for ‘Motivation.’

I’ve attended a lot of training evolutions where motivation was not only the primary focus, it was the only item on the agenda.  If all you have is motivation, you can go a long way, and everything else tends to fall into place after a while.

Bill Bartmann points out that there are two kinds of motivation, positive, and negative.  Mr. Bartmann is a true operator of the American Dream.  He went from being a ‘hopeless’ teen age derelict to being among the Worlds Billionaires.

Mr. Bartmann tells a story of his use of positive, and negative motivators.  He met his wife when they were both very young.  When they met, Bill was already friends with wifes sister.  Bills wifes sister told Bills wife, while they were still dating, not to have anything to do with him … he was a high school drop out, and a street gang member, etc., etc.

On the positive side, Bill wanted to be … needed to be … someone his wife would be proud of, and he wanted to provide themselves with a lifestyle other than the one they were on the path to living.

On the negative side, Bill didn’t want to prove his sister – in – law right … he needed her estimation of him not to be correct.

One factor drew Mr. Bartmann into a course of action, the other repelled him into a course of action.  Some individuals are driven primarily by positive motivational factors, while others are driven primarily by negative.  Most successful people employ a combination of the two in a balance that is suitable for them, and you should follow their example.  Find your motivators, figure out your ‘why’s, and keep them in your personal development tool belt like you would a wrench.

We’ve already gone over that you can go a long way if all you have is motivation.  My observation is that motivation spreads through a group like a plague, particularly the motivational tone that originates from the head of the pack.  Motivation can take a group of people above, and beyond.  The lack of motivation can back a group up like a clogged drain.

If you are in a leadership position … shop steward, supervisor, business owner, salesperson, parent, teacher, volunteer coordinator … you have got to be motivated if you want to move foreword.  You set the tone, whether you like it or not, whether you feel good or not, whether there are other things you’d rather be doing or not.

Think of how your work day went when your boss would rather have been out golfing, and let that emotion show up on his or her shirt sleeve.  Were you very productive?  Be motivated.  Be glad you’re there.  I hate to say this, but, for the sake of fulfilling your objective, if you have to fake it, fake it till it comes back around on its own.

Till next time, overcome motivation block by finding out your motivators, and keeping them handy for review.  You’ll thank yourself later, and remember, you are spectacular.