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Goal Basics

I’ve been thinking of several ways to approach this subject.  I guess that the best way to approach this subject is to approach it.  Most, if not all, of the personal development gurus out there, past, and present, say that they started to make dramatic forward movement after they started setting goals for themselves.  This, not only for themselves, but for thousands of other people they’ve come into contact with.

Now, this is why I’ve been having so much trouble approaching this subject.  For the bulk of my life, I’ve been told that being goal oriented is a bad thing.  This, my friends, just isn’t so.  You set out on a trip knowing where you want to go, and you’ll either have a road map, or you’ll write down the directions on how to get there.  Life is no different.

This is what the personal development gurus tell me.  A dream is a dream.  When a dream is written down, assigned a completion date, given action steps, and those action steps are acted upon, you then have a goal.  When you have a goal, you stand a much better chance of realizing your dreams than by sitting around dreaming about them.

This is a very basic blog on goals.  I’d like to write more at this sitting.  However, today my time is limited.  So, till next time, remember, you are an extraordinary individual.