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A Pondering

Humans are monkeys, nearly hairless as they are, and living in houses as they do. They are a very complexly developed functionary of the Cosmos. For whatever reason the Cosmos feels the need for a functionary such as me, I am clueless. I’m just happy to be here as I am, and not still a mud puddle by the ocean somewhere.

The Cosmos experimented with the concept. It set up a nice laboratory where dirt and water could flourish as flora and fauna. The dinosaur wasn’t working out, so it abandoned that project almost entirely, and it ignored the mouse for much further research nor development … and the shark it’s left pretty much alone for a very, very long time. The Cosmos settled on an obnoxious creature living in trees, very clever, and ever so inquisitive. Intrigued, the Cosmos singled out and shepherded certain of these creatures toward the station of Humanity.

This all brings up a question I’ve often pondered since my childhood. Where are we going with this? Next year, we pretty much know what Humanity will be doing, pretty much more of the same. The process is excruciatingly slow from the perspective of an impatient advanced monkey with extreme restrictions on its ability to experience time, and space.

What about 10,000 years from now, or 50,000 … and I know you’d still spoil your childrens childrens childrens children. What will they be like? What will they be doing? Will they have big bumps on their heads and saber – tooth fangs? Will they still yearn for a day off so they can go enjoy an ice cream cone in peace and unhurried?

I do know that this planet we are on, and this stellar system of which we are part is just a little over half way through its life span. I do know that at some point within the next 5,000,000,000 years (that’s billions with a ‘B’), we … Humanity, and all of our couches, and chairs, and pets, and farm animals, and corn stocks … need to be up, and off this planet. At some point in the very distant future our star, the Sun, will peter out, and go into what could be considered a pathetic, weak, wimpy Super Nova. Weak, and wimpy as this event will be on stellar scales of catastrophes, this event will emaciate, and then devour the Earth. The Sun will swell up into a reddish-orange ball of fire engulfing most of the stellar system of which we are now a part.

This isn’t such a bad thing, when you sit down and think about it. It’s a motivation. This future event will give us a really good reason to move before the old dam breaks, and the valley gets flooded. This’ll give us a really, really good excuse to get up off the couch, and go see what else is out there, and maybe even socialize a little bit with other advanced – monkey type things the Cosmos has running around. You never know, there might be a tree out there with advanced intelligence … just a thought, but wouldn’t that be neat thing with which to sit down and talk.

This is going to be a very complicated, difficult, wrought – with – trouble project of which to undertake. It may take the next five billion years to figure it out, till it’s an adequately operational endeavor. We already seem to be pointed in that direction.

Till the time comes, we maybe ought to appreciate what we have going for us as a group, and take care of what we’ve got right now, and continue to develop as Humans.

You’re spectacular.


The Vista

My older sister Alisa died very recently. She is, and always has been one of my most favorite of people. Her sudden and unexpected death left me very sad. Like most people, I’ve had a lot of sadness in my life. Unfortunately, I do not deal with sadness well. However, I have developed a technique for dealing with sadness. I let The Observer take the helm, while the I that is me goes below decks to be distraught and hapless.

A few days later I was driving home from work in the late afternoon. The Observer said to the I that is me, ‘Come on up here and look at this!’ So, the I that is me moped up and peered out the window of my eyes. The Observer said to the I that is me, ‘Now! That’s pretty, isn’t it.’ And, it was. Broadly, for miles and miles in front was the dark green Nebraska countryside capped by a pale blue sky which, its self, was layered with delicate formations of fluffy white clouds. ‘Yes it is.’ the I that is me responded, ”Lisa is seeing this.’

When I heard what the I that is me had said, it made me step back and think for a moment. The I that is me didn’t say, ”Lisa should see this.’ The I that is me said ”Lisa is seeing this.’ It actually gave me a great deal of comfort.

My belief system dictates that life is a union of the material with the corporeal; specifically, matter, energy, time, and space with consciousness. When the two are no longer able to sustain one another each member of the team returns to its respective domain, no longer encumbered by each other.

I can travel to Alisas grave site, and see where her body is buried. It may be that she can travel to me, and enjoy the material World through my eyes. She has now fully rejoined with what those like me would call The Observer, others The Source, others still might call God.

In any event, this is yet another reason we should choose to be happy, positive, and find the beauty in all things. You may have your own Alisa wanting to catch a glimpse at a broad and beautiful horizon. She may not be inclined to come to your house when you’re in a foul mood, when you are seeing things as dank and despicable.

You are spectacular.

Mind and Body

If the mind is a terrible thing to waste, what about the body? They are, after all, intricately connected. The body is a material construct to facilitate consciousness, which is ethereal. The mind is a byproduct of their union, material with ethereal.

When the body is not well maintained and stable, consciousness wanes. If the body destabilizes too much, consciousness will leave. Conversely, when the body is well maintained and is stable, consciousness flourishes. When the body is at, or close to homeostasis then consciousness is just about as happy as a horse in a field of oats.

Dr. Bruce Lipton points out that consciousness does not just act from the brain, which is a common misconception. The brain is just the command, control, and information storage center … it’s the home office. Each and every cell in your body has a consciousness, and all together, trillions of individual cells, form your mind.

What do you feel like when you’re breathing fresh air, and you’re fit as a fiddle, well rested and exercised, and you’re full of healthy nutrients? You feel good, and your spirit escalates. You, the whole you, are a fractal of the cells of your body. You feel great when you’re breathing fresh air, and you’re fit as a fiddle, well rested and exercised, and you’re full of healthy nutrients because that cell in your big toe is feeling the same way for the same reasons.

By all means, study, meditate, contemplate, and pray … I don’t recommend watching TV as a means to enhance your mental facilities. However, don’t forget to exercise, and eat right, and laugh, and play hard, and work hard, and look good, and feel good, because it makes you even more spectacular than you already are.

Happenstance Has an Agenda

God is to the Cosmos as the soul is to Man.  The soul of Man is that which animates him.

Some are called to attribute that which animates Man to happenstance.  We are each called to believe what we believe when we believe it.

I look at the stars in the sky.  I see the Moon and the Sun.  I ponder the ants working between the blades of the grass.  They are all doing what they are called to do in the manner they are called to do it.

My own observations lead me to believe that the Cosmos is, in fact, happenstanceial.  However, my observations also lead me to believe that Happenstance, in fact, has an Agenda.